New RRMS diagnosis


over 12 months ago I started experiencing symptoms so after every blood test going my gp sent me for an MRI the results eventually came back with spinal inflammation & brain lesions my gp told me I had ms & arranged for me to see a ms nurse who explained cis as my symptoms were daily & said only a neuro could diagnose, I then had a meeting with a neuro who said he couldn’t diagnose MS as I continued to have symptoms but said if they continued it could be PPMS. That was 12 months ago & a transverse myelitis diagnosis, more mri’s, a negative lp & evp’s a second opinion I have now been diagnosed with RRMS by a neuro who knew what she was talking about rather one reading the macdonald criteria!

My initial reaction was one of relief, finally an MS diagnosis, which my ms nurse had told me to expect all along & it wasn’t PPMS. Explaining it to people everyone reactions were the same mine included it wasn’t PPMS so it was good news, I can start on meds, my critical illness would kick in so I have financial support and alls good it was a positive result.

But reality has crept up on me, I’m due to complete on a house this week, I’ve signed up for a 25 year mortgage, my critical illness does not cover this amount where I always had a gut feeling I had ms I didn’t need to accept it as it wasn’t reality with tm, I would not get any worse I do actually have MS. my kids are 9 & 5 what the hell is the future going to hold.

Sorry for the long post just guessed you guys would understand.

Thanks ruth x

hi ruth

sorry to hear that you’ve been diagnosed with ms.

it’s good to finally know why you have all these mad symptoms though.

well the future will happen anyway, nobody knows what their future will hold.

as far as the new house and mortgage goes, you need to make sure that you receive any benefits that you are entitled to. see citizens advice.

maybe see a financial advisor, re managing the mortgage.

your children will be fine as long as you keep a smile on your face.

children accept new things more easily than adults.

the ms society have a booklet on explaining it to children. i actually believe that if you explain what is wrong with you, they will appreciate your honesty.

fatigue is a pig of a symptom so you need to pace yourself (ha ha! i’m a fine one to talk).

just make sure that you have enough quality time with your kids and special me time for yourself.

there are some marvellous new drugs available now so you will most likely be offered a DMD (disease modifying drug).

your gp will be invaluable for symptom management.

now go and relax.

relax has a different meaning when you have a chronic illness. you need to clear all the worries from your mind.

mindfulness meditation is excellent. some gps offer this, so ask about it.

all you need is an mp3 with it on, a quiet space and away you go. 20 minutes of bliss.

take good care of yourself

carole xx

Do you have an existing mortgage that the critical illness will cover ? I would be very wary of taking out a new mortgage at this time. I’m not 100% sure of my facts but I think they will only pay towards interest and only for a limited time, whereas they will pay rent. I’m risk averse so would certainly delay making such a commitment till I knew where I stood financially.

Good luck

Jan x

They being benefits. benefits will only pay rent and interest on mortgage…sorry I’m not making myself very clear.

Jan x