Symptoms of RRMS?

Hi guys, I’m just after a bit of advice (I’ve calmed down in recent days)

I’m just feeling a bit crap in general. My body feels like its rebelling against me. My right arm and leg both feel really weak and heavy like there’s a weight attached to them and i’m super dizzy. I’ve also had numbness popping up in various places all week (this started 6 months ago, but a lot more have popped up recently) can anyone relate? i know it could be number of things but if it is MS I’d like to be prepared for it. I could handle a diagnosis of RRMS but probably not PPMS, I’m only 22, that would terrify me. I could maybe deal with it better in my 50s after having my kids and living! You’re all so brave. I have a lot of respect. Any reassurance/advice during this time would be super helpful for me. Feeling very alone whilst this is being investigated. My mum insists it’s an iron deficiency and doesn’t want to know, which sounds terrible but she’s dealt with a lot of stress, two of my siblings have already passed away so I think she’s burying her head in the sand which I understand.

I just feel super alone and have a lot of questions and concerns.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Can anyone help? Is it possible for numb areas to last 7 months in RRMS?

I’m not asking for a diagnosis, I just want to hear if it’s possible

hi worried

you are allowed to feel angry at this unwelcome invader.

if you need to scream or throw stuff, go ahead (use cushions so your mum doesnt get freaked)

i take it that you have been referred to neurology, if not ask your gp to refer you.

the neuro will probably do an MRI and that will give lots of information that may or may not lead to a diagnosis.

there are other deficiencies that could be causing your symptoms,

such as Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 which are easily sorted.

most people are diagnosed with RRMS and it is likely that you will too, or preferably not diagnosed with ms at all.

stress and worry make all symptoms worse, so stop worrying so much.

there’s no need to feel alone because that is what this forum is for.

make a plan of action :

  • see your GP for a referral

  • see the neuro

  • wait for the results

  • take it from there

believe me, diagnosis isnt a death sentence and hopefully you won’t get one.

if you can’t shake off this worry, see your gp for help

carole x

Hi worried. You say your mum insists that it could be due to an iron deficiency. Has she just made that up, or are you anaemic? If you are low on iron, I would try and sort the anaemia out before you conclude that you have MS. Even the smallest of deficiencies can cause worrying symptoms.

You also said that you have lost two siblings. Do you think that could be troubling you? If your mum has nursed two children through critical illnesses she probably knows when to start worrying about symptoms.

Also, ask yourself if there is anything else that has caused you to be anxious during the past week or so? The Christmas season overwhelms some people.

Remember, we all have bodily niggles and most of the time they are nothing to worry about.

Pippy x

Hi pippy,

i used to be anaemic but I’ve been taking tablets twice a day for 8 months and my levels are normal again.

I wish this this was just a “niggly symptom” I’ve had numbness that won’t go away for 7 months and this week I have struggled to keep my balance and I’m super dizzy. My right arm and leg are so heavy and weak too. I’ve heard these are classic symptoms of PPMS. I’m not diagnosing myself but I really don’t see what else it could be and neither do my doctors. These symptoms are affecting me severely. I’m scared to go to university by myself in case I fall over :frowning: I keep walking into walls. Is there any chance that these symptoms could be just a relapse and they’ll go away in time? I really wouldn’t mind RRMS. I’m sure it would be difficult but at least there is some hope. All I see about PPMS is people going from walking to a wheelchair in 5 years and dying in 30.

My sister died 10 years ago from complications with cerebral palsy and my brother was born with a heart condition. I never met him. I’ve fully grieved the loss of my sister. These symptoms are terrifying to me. I have a lovely life and I’m so happy but this is ruining it :frowning:

Hi Worried,

I think you should follow Carol’s advice, you say you have seen doctors but have you got mri done and a referral to a neurologist yet?

Thank you everyone i totally missed these responses. I was told that I’m severely deficient in vitamin D which could be causing my problems