New Neurologist - Doogie Howser MD

Hi everyone.

Just had an appointment with my new neurologist. When did they start giving medical degrees to schoolkids? He’s about 14! Reminded me of Doogie Howser MD. When did I get old?

Very nice chap by the way.


hi jake zander

you’ve been here with this post all day so BUMP!!

glad he was a nice chap.

sounds like you’re of that age, do policemen look young too?

carole x

I’m that age too. My dentist looked about 12. The policeman looking after my daughter after a traffic accident did not look old enough to drive! Oh to be young again - well say 35- wouldn’t want to be a teenager again. Glad you had a good appointment, so much better when the doctor is nice. I had a real grump last time - single word answers to my questions and very dismissive. We all have off days just hope next appointment is more like yours.

My neurologist is younger than me. Last time we met I asked about the possibility that Stem Cells were the answer, his response “Not in my lifetime”!. Hope crushed!. Peter.

Can you believe I had to google Doogie Howser? I was thinking I had missed out on something from my childhood but I realised that it was big in the 90s - I was a bit busy back then as my son was born in '93. Funnily Doogie Howser was played by Neil Patrick Harris who is now one of my son’s favourite actors as he now stars in How I Met Your Mother.

My neuro is also young (not teenage young) and he helps to make my appointment more enjoyable lol. It always helps to have something attractive to look at :wink: He has a very friendly attitude too and even has patience when I answer a question he hasn’t asked (I get a bit confused sometimes).

Are things still going well on Gilenya? I’ve been on it for a week and a bit now, and nothing to report. Yay!!

Tracey x

Hi Tracey

All good with Gilenya. Feel much better than when I was on Rebif. And no relapses!

Constant worrier that I am, I asked him about PML and increased risks of infections. He just smiled and said that only one person on fingolimod has ever developed PML and he had been on Tysabri for a long time beforehand. Said the chances of me being the first one were so small that they weren’t even a risk. As for infections, he said if I did get any they woulld be of the run of the mill variety that everyone gets from time to time. Felt much better after that.

Glad you’re getting on well with the Gilenya. If you’re anything like me you won’t even know you’re on anything! Good luck with it.


Hi Carole

Thanks for replying. I never noticed until recently that policement and doctors were getting younger. Must me a change in their recruiting policy. Only thing I can think of!


yea JZ

they do it to make us think we’re getting doddery.

carole x

My Neurotic needs to ‘Man Up’,never mind grow up.He is a graceless, cold, uncaring fraction of a man.The first time he saw me in a wheelchair,he said nothing and returned to his two dimensional comfort zone…My casenote


ps Was Marcus Welby the same sort of brat?

Marcus Welby? Had to Google him. Delighted to find that it was before my time :smiley:

Sorry to hear your neuro is such a d**k! There really is no need. This new young neurologist is pleasant, considerate and knowledgeable. He even came to the waiting room himself to call for me and then introduced himself and shook my hand. All this means that he’ll probably move on in 6 months and get replaced by the usual neurotic breed.


You know you’re getting old when…a policeman asks YOU the time, lol he looked about 12, worse than that though…the market square clock was right behind him, he’d just walked past it!