What a difference a good neurologist makes...!

Hey everyone thought I would post with an update. Had second brain MRI yesterday and saw the consultant today. Good news is that there doesn’t seem to be any change in the MRI scan which is good so far so no extra lesions.

What a difference having a good neurologist makes because he arranged for blood tests while I was there. They took 6 tubes from me and are testing lots of things that hadn’t been checked previously including tests for b12 levels, serum levels, calcium, lupus, antibody tests and lots more! He should get the results within the next 2 weeks.

In the meantime he is arranging for an MRI of my spine and my neck. He’s also arranging for me to go in as a day case or possible overnight stay and have VEP, SSEP, PET and also a lumbar puncture - hopefully should be within the next 4 weeks. So by that point I should know further and then be able to start a treatment plan after that and get on meds. He also told me to up my gabapentin and do it gradually so that the body can start to adjust to it.

All I can say is that the neurologist is on the ball and it makes such a difference! Thank god I found him as he knows his stuff! Also he said straight away on a few symptoms that I have that they aren’t linked to ms so there’s definitely something going on and thats why he got all the bloods done straight away and is referring me for tests to be done ASAP!

Anyway wanted to just update :slight_smile:

Thats great Karina - I'm so glad that you feel like you're moving forward. Helps to have a good neuro. I'll keep my fingers crossed that all this is something quiet simple. Keep us updated on how you get on.



Great news Karina!

Sounds like he really is very good.

I too am lucky to have a great neuro too and it makes you have alot of confidence in them doesnt it.

Hope you get some answers soon

Paula xx

Good news Karina :) he sounds great .Keep us updated o how you get on xx

Nice catch Karina!

Definitely a neuro to keep :-)

Karen x

Nice one.

I am being moved to yet another one next month as they are having a shake up.

The head man who people swear by is leaving at the hosp I'm being moved to,and my ms nurse is not sure who will be able to sign for the DMD when it all happens.

Hang onto yours,and if my new one turns out as many of them do ,can I be a lodger at your house so I can go to yours pls????


Lol pip! You made me chuckle! I originally paid privately to see him and then after the initial appointment with him he then transferred me on the nhs to him. Hope that made sense! He wasn’t cheap to see him privately but was well worth it to then get to have investigations and see him through the nhs. And at least finally I’m under the care of someone that takes my symptoms seriously and straight away he said that I’ve got lots of symptoms that don’t fit with just ms so he’s getting me checked for all the other things too - which should have been done months and months ago at the start of all this!

Hi, where is this super human? I want him! He HAS to be an improvment on the 13 numpties I`ve seen so far!

luv Pollx

Sounds lovely. Why can't they all be like that?


My GP did those blood tests before I saw the Neuro, said the Neuro would want to anyway, good and switched on as he is. So I knew before I had my first (quite pointless, as it happens but not half as much as the 2nd time I saw one) appt with the Neuro that I didn't have deficiencies, liver disease, lupus, RA, or anything else.