New mobility scooter

Just a post to praise the wonderful DI Blasi R30 scooter.

We have just returned from Marseille, France via Eurostar. The scooter can go almost anywhere, and stowing it on planes, taxis, trains, etc is no problem.

Last year we visited Bordeaux. also by Eurostar where we used it on their tram system. Entering and exiting the tram took some practice, but at least I did it without injuring anyone.


As an example, I have shown the scooter (folded) near a table in a restaurant in Marseille.


Firstly welcome to the forum and secondly your picture and reference of this scooter will help others who perhaps are thinking of buying one.

Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

Pam x

Hi @Heatherwood99 ,

I’ve got one of those, must be about 10 years now.

I agree with you that stowing it away is easy…3 Ryan Air flights to Italy and 1 Jet 2 to Spain!!!

The only down side for me is that as my MS progresses (EDSS 7) its 3 wheels are unstable and scary now!