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Hi everyone, I joined yesterday so i’m just saying hi. I was diagnosed with P P MS in 2007 after a mri scan and lumber puncher. I first realized something was not quite right about 15 years ago when i found i couldn’t wiggle my toes on my right foot as well as i could on my left. I finally went to the doctor in 2007 when i was walking with a limp all the time.

At present i’ve lost the use of my right hand and arm and my right leg is very bad. Funny thing is it only affects my right hand side, my left side is fine.

I’ve been watching this site for years but finally decided to join after getting the dreaded letter from the DWP about being transferred from IB to ESA. I’ve joined benefits and work and I’ve got my MS nurse coming round to help me but it still looks very frightening. I think over the next few mouths i’m going to need all the support i can get.


ps Been trying to do my profile but can’t work out how. Help!

hi tim

welcome to our jolly crew

you’ve done the right thing in joining benefit and work

just remember to always describe how you are at your worse

i can’t remember how to do a profile.

i was still good at things like that when i joined in 2008 but now …

must have a big lesion on the part of my brain needed for IT stuff

carole x

Hi Tim

Hello and welcom

You’ll get lots of support and advice on here as well as the odd giggle

Tracey x

Hi Tim, welcome aboard.

Dunno if you know, but there is quite an active PPMS board here too.

You are welcome to post/reply to any of the boards. But sometimes the PPMS one is the one to answer specific problems.

About doing your profie…I cant remember either! Arent we a lot!

Send a pm to Stewart (mod). He has helped me lots of times and will no doubt, guide you too.

luv Pollx

ps good luck with the dreaded ESA debacle…doing my form at the mo too.

Hi Tim,

Glad you joined, always nice to have new people with new ideas, just sorry you’ve been diagnosed that’s not good but we all have to live with it!!

All been on so long can’t remember setting up profile but think its on the home page.

We used to have a Friday pub night…

Jen x

Found profile !

Top right of the page is your name, under that is MY HOMEPAGE

click on this.

Blue box left hand side - MY PROFILE

click - then there is an EDIT feature,

this may work, good luck.


Hi Tim :slight_smile:

thanks everyone, managed to sort out my profile. I think my ESA forms are going to be a lot harder to sort out!!!