New medication

Hi everyone,

i have been given a change of medication from betaferon to tecfidera. Having read the side effect I have scared myself into not wanting to take it. Would anyone on this medication be happy to share their experiences with me please. Many thanks, sue x

I have been on tecfidera for nearly 5 years and have loved every moment of it. No side effects whatsoever, not even at the beginning. You start on a half dose for a week or longer if needed to get used to it. Eat something fatty eg peanut butter and toast to try and keep possible side effects away. I never had any problems and can take it with any food. High fat with the tablet is just the recommendation in the first few weeks if you worry about gastro issues. Not a must either, so no worries if you don’t want to do this for a week or two when you take the tablet. Don’t worry and give it a go. It’s been like popping a vitamin for me. I only have to change meds now because a new lesion was found. Not happy, tecfidera and I are pals.

Hello Orchid Been on it since October 15 No problems. Delivered to your home you get a phone call and a text message off them, time am or pm and a 2 hour slot You have to have blood test every 3 months. There are a lot of negatives from some people on this site but it is fine. Had no relapses since been on it , so it does work. Just have a butty with it. Just took one and washed it down with a bottle of beer, after we lost the ashes.

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i have to say Make Absolutely Sure that you have something to eat before taking it. maybe it’s just me being a delicate little flower (?!) but i have never been a breakfast person and i found out the hard way that i need to eat first. so if i can’t eat until lunchtime, then i take the tecfidera at lunch time. the good thing is that so long as you keep at least 6 hours between doses it’s ok. now after years on it i take it with whatever drink is to hand, last night’s wine!

Thank you for your messages, they have helped a great deal. I have had the medication on the kitchen side for over a week and too scared to take it after reading the side effects x

It seems daft, but when I take a new tablet I don’t read the blurb at first. I wait for about a week or so. I do this so that any side effects I get it isn’t me looking for them. Or if I start having some I then have a look. As I said itt daft but works for me.


I managed tecfideria well apart from a bit of flushing but it brought my bloods down too much so now back on copaxone jabs 3 times a week