New lesions and treatment

I’ve just had the result of an mri that confirmed I’m going through a relapse. The consultant recommended methylpredisolone for 3 days. I’m not keen…but would love to hear from anybody who has taken 1 gr for 3 days.
Did it help? Side effects? I’ve been diagnosed 8 years ago and probably had MS for 35 years with very little symptoms. I have no treatment am as active as possible, lots of cycling, pilates etc, but lately suffer from terrible stiffness

Hello Patou

A similar thread has had a few replies. The original poster has been prescribed oral prednisolone for 5 days rather than IV for 3 but the effects, both good and are the same.

Have a look at: Oral methylprednisolone. The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Please Tell Me?

Best of luck.