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I am new here hope you don’t mind me posting for opinions , I am a 46 and about 7 years ago I took ill at work and was took to hospital and was told it was labrynithitus was given injection and tablets so since then have suffered dizzy spells most days and told by doctors just to take tablets as and when needed I also have underactive thyroid . Fast forward to middle of June this year I woke up with what I thought was another dizzy feeling took tablet but wouldn’t go I normally only need one but ended up taking 3 that day the next day I still didnt feel right and started to get strange feeling down left side starting on my face then arm and leg I was home alone with my youngest son and tried not to panic as to scare him so just sat down and rested

I still wasn’t feeling right and managed to get in my doctors two days later I explained the symptoms he said I had all symptoms of a mini stroke but because I don’t smoke or drink alcohol it can’t be a mini stroke and said if I still feel like it the following week to come back, that was a Tuesday , I continued going to work and colleagues was pointing out I was bumping into things and didnt look right ,

Thursday evening at work I felt good like my old self the best I felt in a long time but frid morning got up felt fine was sorting my youngest for school when I felt that sensation all down my left side but very strong then I couldn’t move my left arm or leg, my middle son drove me straight to a&e they rushed me straight through to resuss had ct scan then put me on stroke ward I was kept in for four days movement came back but left with heavy numb feeling I have Doppler scan on neck and mri scan all was clear they said they don’t know what it is but not a stroke as scan clear they said to see my doctor if continues ,

I have seen my doctor since ,he done bloods all fine ,he put my on 10mg amtriptyline for 2 weeks for parathesia as he thinks its nerve damage and then upped to 20mg for 4 weeks I am due to go back next week I am still getting pins and needles and heavy feeling down left side and some times swallowing feels strange and scary as doesn’t feel the same as the right side , I am ok pottering around at home but if I walk more than 5 mins my leg gets heavy and pins and needlesit feels like my whole left side drops ,

Sorry it’s a long post , just wondered if any one else has same symptoms and what your out come was.

Righto, hello for starters :slight_smile: this is the right place as you will meet lovely people and get some advice. It’s nice to chat with people who understand, and that in itself is a huge help. I’ve been here a while now and I love this forum.

your symptoms could well be nerve damage, but due to what? I think it’s going to take some time to have further tests. Some have to wait quite a while, but some don’t. Hopefully you will get results sooner :slight_smile: there are so many conditions that are similar to MS that it’s hard to say if that’s what you have. It’s good that the CT scan was clear, but it would take an MRI to get a clearer diagnosis. I would push your GP for a neurology referral, only a Neuro can fully understand what is going on if it’s brain related.

its frustrating not knowing what’s going on, we all understand how you feel on that, but it’s going to take a bit of perseverance to get to the bottom of this. You will find out what it is eventually. In the meantime, we are all here to talk to xx

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I agree with Beverly. On the face of it, it is a wee bit surprising that the GP hasn’t referred you to get checked out by a neurologist already, but then GPs do sometimes work in mysterious ways, their wonders to perform. If I were you, I would be gently nudging him/her in that direction. You’ve had a lot of strange stuff happening, and it isn’t unreasonable that you want to find out what! (I’m certainly not suggesting that I think you have MS, by the way, just that your symptoms sound like the sort of general things that fall within the neurologist’s field of expertise).

Perseverance required here, as Beverly says.

Good luck.


Hi Karen, yes, all good advice so far & I’d also say get your GP to refer you to a neuro. It may well be a long road before you end with a positive diagnosis, but it might be a good idea to begin now.

Best of luck

Rosina x

Thank you all for replying and your comments I had follow up appt with GP last Thursday we had a chat about how I was getting on and as I still have symptoms and now effecting my left eye, he said he referring me to neurologist , I said to him that my husbands boss asked if I had been tested for ms as his wife has it and some symptons sound similar , I asked doctor f he thought I was being stupid asking , he said the first time he saw me that MS was the first thing that crossed his mind but again cause head mri scan was clear he wasn’t sure , he said there is something definatly wrong with nerves on left side, while I was in GP office he rang through to get appt with neuro but they said they don’t book appt on phone they need a letter in writing , this was on Thursday on Monday morn I received appt through the post it’s for November I understand everyone as a long wait to see a neurologist hopefully I will get some answers or hopefully symptoms have gone by then and it just a nerve thing that hopefully will right itself x

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