New here and need advice please


this is my first post but I haven’t got a diagnosis, just need advice/support

for approximately 2/3 years I’ve had symptoms in clusters of variable timescale shortest begging a week, of weird cold/numb/tingling sensation in my hands/feet

very slow/foggy both in body movement and brain

felt as if I was walking/standing wonky/off balance

frequent trips to the toilet day/night

whilst hanging my washing out one day, I experienced one eye loosing sight / all went black and part of my face felt numb

as I walked to the back door my legs were so weak I got to sit on the floor for a while. (Not happened since)

id left it too long to confirm from 111/GP a mini stroke and nothing reported from an eye examination at optitions

my symptoms, change and seem to be strengthening, cold numb patches in my arms/legs, hands and feet, mild strange sensation on right side of my face and under my eyes.

sometimes my lower legs and feet cannot feel the floor beneath me, which feels very very strange, (I’ve not told anyone at all)

Recently my ribs all the way round felt crushed like tight at points difficult with breathing going up my stairs. This has lasted approximately 2+ months.

I’ve become especially low, I’m 44 (nearly) and in menopause (peri menopause since age 33)

i work as a mobile hairdresser (only a few clients) is getting harder, as is getting jobs done.

I’ve been to my GP on my occasions over the years, bloods say my lymphocytes are low

after my last visit with my favourite GP I mentioned my ribs and numbness has arranged a telephone psychotherapist consultation, when I missed my call and called back to reschedule it, they said it was an MS specialist/rheumatologist department (not mentioned from GP visit) so a little shocked, as I’ve suspected my self my symptoms match a possible MS prognosis.

age 21-23 was diagnosed first with chronic fatigue/M.E

sorry it’s a long, and I no there’s other symptoms I forgotten about

im very grateful for your thoughts, reply

hi wildflower

get back to your favourite gp and ask for a referral to neurology.

if it isn’t ms, it sounds like something neurological.

have you already been diagnosed because it wasn’t too clear in your post.

anyway see your doctor and le him take it from there.

carole x

Hi cat woman,

I hope you are well, thank you for yr reply!

i havnt been diagnosed,

my last visit with Dr was for the crushing sensation around my ribs, she asked would I like to be referred but didn’t say anything else, I just thought to be referred to the hospital as I’ve been having back pain.

i turned out she had referred me for a phone consultation to see where best to send me next. But I was I bit shocked when the consultation came from an MS specialist team who also deal with rheumatology. As I missed my first call I’ve had to go back on the waiting list until 5th April.

Today my symptoms are unbearable, with server weaknesses and numbness

have you been diagnosed?

thank you

hi wildflower

i was diagnosed with rrms in october 2008 (the week before my 50th birthday).

maybe a muscle relaxant would help with the crushing you are feeling.

ask your doctor who may be able to prescribe a low dose of diazepam.

just a couple more weeks until your appointment so hang on there

carole x


was it a long process for you on your journey to diagnosis? Hope yr managing your ms ok

yes I think I will go back to my gp and be more open about my own thoughts in relation to MS and my progressive symptoms

thank you again for responding,

I hope I manage to find my way around the forum to find your posts if you have some

best wishes

hi my gp at the time was incredible, a youngish chinese doctor who had taken an interest in neurology during his training. he was such a good listener and referred me to neurology. the neurologist from salford royal (my nearest neurology centre) who had responsibility for the area i live in was also brilliant (this time a german doctor). i had an mri and then he passed me on to an ms specialist. at the time i had just come back from greece, a fab holiday but it started me on a massive relapse possibly due to the heat which had even the greek waiters gasping for breath! anyway i was diagnosed with rrms. so basically it took just over a year for my diagnosis. i mainly post on threads where a lot of like minded people go. the brain fog thread is full of daftness and always makes me laugh. the ear worm thread is about my favourite pastime (music). pop along to them and then you may want to start one of your own. i hope your gp refers you. whatever you do do not panic! carole x

Just testing to see if I can reply as been having problems with posting


seems i can post again! Yippee

its great that you have a GP who has really helped you and didn’t take to long to get your diagnosis

I will have a look out for your recommend posts

thamk you


I’m pleased that you managed to reconnect with us.

It would be a good idea to write down a list of your symptoms before your appointment on the 5th April. You don’t want to be relying on just your memory during a telephone appointment.

Make a list of what you’re feeling and how long it’s been going on. That way you won’t miss anything important if you get asked a lot of questions.

Best wishes,