New Diagnosis - what to expect?


my partner just diagnosed with relapsing and remitting MS - I persuaded him to see the Gp - been together for 2 years and always noticed he had a ‘dodgey’ leg. We ere delivered this diagnosis and we are waiting to see the MS nurse. He started with leg weakness in 2012 and says minimal changes since - and now I am obsessed with it and constantly watching to see if it’s worse!! We don’t know what to look for in a relapse? I know nobody can tell me if or when it will advance- but when do we consider or ask for DMT? we are both struggling to come to terms with it and I don’t know how I can help him. His job is extremely stressful and long hours and fatigue is a big issue to the point at times where I think he sounds drunk - but this is not a new thing I have told him he needs to make changes - I have been reading how stress is a major factor ?.


Hello Suzanne

It sounds like you and your partner need to wait and address your questions to the MS nurse. One of the things s/he will perhaps want to discuss will be disease modifying drugs (DMDs). You are right that stress is a factor in MS, but many people do manage to do stressful jobs whilst having MS.

I would think a lot of the impetus will need to come from your partner. You’ve said you ‘told him he needs to make changes’, to be honest, this kind of thing needs to come from him. After all, although his MS affects you both, he is the one diagnosed, so change should be something he decides upon.

When looking for information about MS, use this site (see the tab labelled About MS) and/or the MS Trust (Do an internet search on whatever you’re looking for plus MS Trust.) Both are reputable trustworthy sources of information. Generally googling terms is less useful.

Best of luck to you both.