New diagnosis advice

Hi all Intrested to hear other peoples ways of coping with the diagnosis

Hi Mickyl

I’m sorry to hear you’ve joined the club.

How did I cope with my diagnosis? Well, in a nutshell, when it was first suggested I might have MS I went into denial and tried to just get on with things. My diagnosis was delayed many years as I had refused to have the tests and cancelled all the appointments. I had several really long remissions, but eventually, after a difficult year, I agreed to have the tests and my diagnosis was confirmed. By then anyone would have thought I’d got used to the idea, but I still found myself walking around in a bit of ‘dazed’ state for a while.

I would advise that if you haven’t already told others you take your time about it; it’s a much misunderstood condition.

All the best


Hi Micky

Have you recently been diagnosed? Or are you going through the diagnosis process?

Rather than asking how others feel about diagnosis, tell us how you feel. After all, how people cope with a diagnosis of MS is a pretty individual thing.

As for me, it’s a long way back in the past and after originally being given all the tests in 1997 and given the information ‘it’s not MS’. 5 years and many relapses later, being told it was MS was a kind of relief. Although I had no idea what it meant, not what the future was to hold.