Diagnosed today, not sure I believe it......

I got diagnosed this morning, via telephone. I’m still in a state of shock, I just don’t know how I feel about it.

I’m in denial, I’ve asked not to have a firm diagnosis until my next MRI, but the consultant feels I now have had 2 clear relapses.

my husband has been walking on eggshells, I’ve told him I’m fine! He doesn’t believe me. I don’t have anything useful to say here, but I just need to say it somewhere.

I’ve been told I can start injectables, but due to COVID,I’ve declined. I’m to attend a MS information class, post COVID, it’s almost like I’ve been diagnosed but still in limbo!!

kind regards

Hello love.

The days of a new diagnosis can seem like a dream…or should I say nightmare?

How long have you had symptoms? Did you suspect MS?

Sometimes it can take so long to get a firm diagnosis, that you kind of get accustomed to it. In my case that was 22 years! I just got my firm diagnosis last month!

I think you are doing the right thing re putting off the treatment until after covid…safer for your immune system.

Life with MS can still be a good one…there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who can testify to that.

You are still you…with a few differences…take time to assimilate what you`ve been told. Pace your activities, try to get good quality rest and NEVER beat yourself up for having this.

None of us chose it…it chose us.

I`m here if you need a shoulder.


hold on - nothing is going to happen in a hurry!

you will be doing tomorrow exactly what you were able to do yesterday - almost certainly you will be doing in 6 months time what you were doing 6 months ago.

Don’t think you should behave/think in a certain way. Don’t pay too much attention to the terminology - denial/anger/acceptance etc. Just go with flow.

Don’t pay too much attention to the groups - RRMS PPMS SPMS - the definitions are confusing and sometimes flawed.

You need to familiarise yourself with all the available drugs -

Try not to look too far into the future - focus on taking each day at a time and aim to do the same things you would be doing had you not got m.s.

Wonder if you’ve told family/friends etc. I think it better not to say anything initially but perhaps you have told them.

Having m.s. is like being dumped on from a great height and there are no pluses. Life will be harder but it isn’t a death sentence.

How you doing not quite Supermum?


I’m fine and well thank you. I am slowly coming to terms with it all.

I had my first incident in Oct/Nov 2017, and was told to expect a diagnosis in the future, so I knew it was on the cards.

I think I’m just scared of having the diagnosis taken away, as strange as that might sound!

thanks for checking on me.

It’s hard to shake it off right? It took me 5 months to get diagnosed with RRMS back on Jan 7th this year. I had a noticeable relapse in Sept last year and have probably had MS around 2 years. With the greatest respect to anyone, I used to have that feeling that nothing major health wise would happen to me, being fit and healthy, non smoker, non drinker etc and only being 33 at the time, then to be all of a sudden told I have MS. But… as Crac has said, nothing’s drastically changed over night. Still carry on with how you intended your life to be, otherwise you’ll regret wasting to much time feeling down or overwhelmed but additionally it’s ok not to be ok. Be kind to yourself and prove this dumb disease wrong! Take care

No, it doesnt sound strange saying about having the dx taken away from you.

When I was finally getting near a dx, I wanted it to be MS…cos out of all the other things it could have been, MS was the best for me!

I might sound a tad crazy with that…but I think you know what I mean chuck.



This is my first post. I was diagnosed with MS today and given my treatment options. When I read your post, I feel like I could have written it… it’s exactly how I am feeling today! Thank you so much for sharing this- it is nice to hear that I am not alone as I feel right now!!

Hi, the diagnosis isnt the best news in the world…but it`s not the worst either…we see that daily…


Hi all can i ask a question, before the coronavirus outbreak i was at my doctors in February with one of my symptoms trapped nerve in my shoulder blade which has been there over a year i still have got it now along with new symptoms, weak bladder fatigue and aching upper body especially my hands and arms and a black dot in my left eye which is more noticeable in the light i get really itchy my jaw is painful im in bed and my right leg is tingling most nights as im drifting off my arm leg or even my stomach muscles will jusr jerk. I struggle to explain things at the doctors whats the best way to describe what im feeling?

just explain it the way you have here…it`s not jumble!