New diagnosis advice and resources - and hi

Hey everyone.

I’m 29 and over the past year I have had some weird symptoms. Last year half of my body went numb and I had vision and auditory issues. When I looked at the ground my insides vibrated. I saw three doctors including a neurologist and was told it was just stress. Over the course of the year I had some other less severe but odd symptoms like numbness in the face, weird pains. Then recently I had another bout of symptoms of numbness, slurred speech, trouble concentrating.

I realised I was having symptoms (and the way they came and then seemed to go away) that were aligned with MS. I went to see a specialist and just had my MRIs which show lesions on my brain and spinal chord. I have yet to have a formal diagnosis, I will be seeing my doctor hopefully this coming week to discuss the results.

I’m 99% sure I have MS, my doctor says it’s likely too, as well as a doctor friend who was diagnosed with MS this year.

I want to be as proactive as possible, and to feel in control of my health decisions to manage this condition. I have quit smoking since my recent relapse of symptoms, and I’m looking at my physical activity and diet.

I guess I’m just saying hi, because it’s quite overwhelming. Although I had weird symptoms, I wasn’t expecting this and I don’t think I’ve fully come to terms with what’s happening to me.

I would also like to be well informed on treatment and lifestyle changes, if anyone has any advice or resources they recommended.

Thank you! We got this.

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Good for you, giving up smoking. Pretty much whatever’s the matter with you, smoking will make it worse. I used the stress of the diagnostic process as an excuse to keep smoking for a while. I gave them up in the end, but sooner is much, much better, and I wish I had stopped sooner. That’s a great way of starting to take back control, and I wish you well.