New Consultant

Hi guys Finally been to see new consultant,she was really nice and gave me the once over and took bloods to rule out anything else. But she thinks that I have had two relapses so can have dmds. Looked on ms desions site and picked out Avonex as the best one for me. Spoken to nurse and got the ball rolling so now just need to wait now for the call to say its been delivered. Got physio on Monday to sort legs out so everything is coming into place Clare xx

That’s great Clare. Wonderful to have a neuro you like and great the ball is rolling.

Good luck with the dmds and with physio… hope things are much better for you soon.

Pat x

So pleased for you. Onwards and upwards now


Excellent progress - congratulations!

It makes such a difference to know that you have people on your side and are fighting back :slight_smile:

Karen x

It sounds like You’ve really got a neuro whose on your side. Teresa xx