Diagnosis at last!

Hi there,

I’ve not been on for a while but just thought I’d let you know that I’ve finally been diagnosed with RRMS after 2 and a half years. At my last appointment with my neuro I told him I wasn’t happy with just accepting it was Recurrent Myelitis without at least checking one more time that there was nothing in my brain. Surprisingly he brought the MRI request pad straight out and long story short there were 2 lesions in my brain (he showed the MRI to us and I must admit that freaked me out a bit, two white blobs right in the middle of my brain, just wanted to reach inside and dig them out

Anyway I’ve been offered DMDs and I’m lucky in that I’m getting to choose which one. At the moment I’m thinking Avonex after seeing the new injector pen they have for it.

I feel relieved at the diagnosis, my Dad has MS and I’ve felt right from the start that I had it too so I think I got through quite a lot of the emotional stuff right at the start. Although I’m sure the minute I’m hit by a bad relapse (fingers crossed not!) I’ll not feel quite so positive.



Congratulations and commiserations on the diagnosis Lynn - nice to know, but still…

(And well done for sticking to your guns!)

Have a look at the msdecisions website re DMDs, if you haven’t already: it’s got a lot of really useful info.

I hope whatever you choose works really well for you :slight_smile:

Karen x


I got diagnosed in July of this year and started on Avonex four weeks ago. I choose this because it was a weekly injection as i hate needles and have a really bad probia of blood, up until recently i would have fainted at the sight of blood. I feel i have been been quite lucky i got diagnosed after having one relapse and my local gp referring me to neuro. I started having pin and needles one year ago and then in March took quite bad being off balance and losing the power in one arm. I thought i was just stressed out after things happening in my life (long story).

I have found avonex ok the first week my ms nurse gave me injection and told me not to take painkillers until i seen how long the side effects took to kick in. I ended up with bad achey legs and headache but took painkillers and it soon settled down. Second week i gave it to myself in the hospital and took painkillers a hour later and i was fine apart from not sleeping that well. Third week gave injection to myself at home and didnt sleep at all but i gave myself it quite late 9pm and was up til 4 in the morning lol. Last nite was grand got it later and sleep great.

Hope this is some help to you

Thanks Karen, I’ve had a look at the MS Decisions website and it has been really helpful.

Ingrid it’s really good to hear someone’s experiences of taking DMDs, thanks for taking the time to post.