New app for injection tracking. Using it for Copaxone 40mg.

Hello, everyone.

My name is Andrew and I have MS. For the last couple of years I am using Copaxone 40mg injections, which work good for me. What I like - no deadly side effects like in some other types like Tesabry and such. Anyways, when i switched to Copaxone 40mg, I faced a problem of actually tracking the locations of the injections. You need to inject yourself 3 times a week, and rotate 6 or 7 locations, each of which has sub-locations. Before it was simple - every Monday you inject in left hip, every Tuesday - right hip, and so on. Now its a floating schedule, and it’s complex.

But, after spending some time, I found an answer - there is an app for iPhones, iPads - Injection Tracker & Scheduler, that actually helps with that rotation issue, notifications, and even tracking the medication supply.

I am using it and finally can get rid of bunch of papers that i was using to track the injections, and bunch of time that I spent on it!

Hope it will help other as well.

App link:

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The video overview here:

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I noticed no-one had replied, hello Andrew that sounds like a brilliant app I’m sure others will find it useful . Michelle and Frazer xx