Neuroradiology MDT report

Well not likely to have MS but where do I go next? Report says I have a prominent central canal with disc bulges located a C3/4, 5/6 and 6/7 all with potential foraminal narrowing. What does that mean? Help please!!!

The central canal is the thin tube filled with CSF that runs right down the centre of the spinal cord. I’m afraid I don’t know what causes it to be “prominent” but I assume it means that it is wider than normal maybe? The C3/4 etc refer to locations in your neck. C stands for cervical (neck). Each vertebra is numbered, with C1 at the top. There are 7 vertebrae in the neck. Each vertebra is separated from the next one by a disc. The disc that lies between C3 and C4 is called C3/4. It is pretty common to get bulging discs (often called “slipped discs”). These often fix thenselves and don’t do much apart from cause pain, but when the discs bulge enough to press on the spinal cord or the nerves coming off the spinal cord, the patient can get neurological symptoms too. When the report saying “foraminal narrowing” it means the nerves coming off the spinal cord may be getting squeezed. The next step, I would think, is to see a neurosurgeon to find out whether of not the disc bulges can be fixed. Most fix themselves, but if you’ve been having problems for a while, surgery may be the only option. The other thing to be doing is to be asking why this has happened. Is it misfortune (lots of people get slipped discs) or is there something more going on? Karen x