Neuropathy, blue badge help

I have small fibre neuropathy, I got pip 3yrs ago and got 4 mobility points but since then my walking has gotten worse, especially my dizzyness n numbness in legs. Anyway, I thought I’d apply for a blue badge, Brighton council have taken about three months to get back to me and said I need to go in for an assessment, where I will be made to walk outside the town hall, along a set route up and down the street! I asked if they will let the public throw tomatoes at the same time! I already went through the humiliation of pip but can think of nothing more degrading that being made to do this “test” outside the town hall, they said “don’t worry that assessor will wear civilian clothing”, anyway I’ve refused to be subjected to such, surely they can’t do this? Any advice or help appreciated. Warmest regards, Sid

Good heavens. Will it be ducking stools next? I know they have to be strict about eligibility as people will take the piss - I’m sure we’ve all watched ‘Blue Badge holders’ skip nimbly from their vehicles and scamper down the street without difficulty- but that is just ridiculous!

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Hi Sid
I can only say how sorry I am you are being treated this way.
When I applied for my blue badge with Lancashire council it only took two weeks I had a phone call to ask about my mobility and how far I could walk and was granted it straight away & I was not getting PIP.
It just shows the difference in how the council’s work. I don’t blame you for not wanting to be subjected to the assessment but don’t let them win fight it all the way.
Good luck


Appreciate that, very kind of you, x

How dare they! No this is not appropriate, if they want to assess you then it should be in a private room. We are not some sort of circus show. I think you should report this to your local MP. Sorry it’s made me so angry, why do they think it’s ok to parade you in the street what would they do if you fell? Probably give you a blue badge while you were on the floor.

I was worried about applying. As I reached retirement age before applying (so no PIP). I explained my problem was not being able to travel independently as unable to open the car door wide enough in an ordinary space and needing rollator. Provided copy of letter from consultant to GP confirming MS diagnosis. Badge arrived within the week.
I suspect there is still a lot of abuse of the system from observation and Brighton probably has a large number of applications.

Just like the ducking stool: if you drown, you’re not witch, but if you don’t drown then you are a witch and they burn you. With this spectator-sport assessment, if you fall over and break a hip, you get a Blue Badge, and if you don’t, then you don’t get a Blue Badge and instead you get to fall over and break a hip in your own time because you have to walk further than you safely can! It would be perfect in another context.

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I also think your MP should be made aware of this demeaning ‘testing’, very angry!:angry:

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