Neuromyelits Optica - blood test negative!

Well I was waiting for my NMO blood test result to come back and it's negative so relieved (I'd much prefer to have MS than that).

Just waiting for my referral for a second opinion now.

In one sense I feel really really happy and elated that it's unlikely to be NMO but then on the other hand I guess diasppointed I still don't have an answer.

My first neuro who's a * said he thinks it's unlikely that it's MS but had said an episode of spinal inflammation even though I've had facial pain (?TN), jaw spasms, spasms in my legs, pain, bowel problems, bladder problems, parasthesia, sensitivity to heat,swallowing issues and only just realised that the intermittent buzzing in my ears I've had may also be tinnitus.

Obviosuly I don't want to have MS but as far as I know spinal inflammtion wouldn't cause trigeminal nerve symptoms or tinnitus.

Hope my second neuro opinion comes soon.



Oh Reemz that's very good news! Will PM you in a bit xxx