Possible Diagnosis Very soon

Hi I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I Had Optic Neuritis !8 Months ago in my Left eye had brain scan and that was normal. Neuro has been seeing me on a regular basis then started having numb fingers in hands and having really bad pain and pins and needles in right leg . In May this year had another attack of optic Neuritis in right eye been to see neuro again and thought could be neuromylitis optica had bloods done and full spine scan and brain. My bloods came back negative and brain scan did too but my spine scan showed something up so neuro wanted to do it again but only my neck.i had this done 4 weeks ago. Neuro secretary rang me on Monday telling m that i am going to be booked in for LP she would not tell me anything else. Later that afternoon my GP rang me saying Neuro been on the phone about me my scan is showing Inflamation in spinal cord and and something measuring 9.7 MM Deymylination is evident and that Neuro going to give me LP ASAP this is all around my cevical cord C 3 region . I got the Apt through for LP yesterday and it is on Tuesday not wasting any time . I am just a bit worried My Gp said that Neuro thinks this is MS i Know i have been waiting for a Diagnosis bu i am frightend now i know i should not be. Please Help with any Advice Lisa xx I