Neurology EPT

Hi All

I have had MS symptoms for several years…and have been to the neurologist twice previously in the last 2 years

who basically said it was the Fibromyalgia that I have, but as I have got worse and having balance problems and

eye problems, slow hand movements and walking is getting more difficult with vertigo and a constant feeling of

not being able to coordinate properly and other things, I was referred back to neurology for the 3rd time.

This time it seemed that the head of neurology listened and treated me with much more interest ( which was good )

They then sent me for EPT and I had all three tests done, this was 15 days after my neurology appointment.

I was at the EPT appointment for 2 hours and I did ask them what I am being tested for, and they said it is for MS!

I was told that my brain MRI was clear, but now they are not sure if it is MS or not…however I am now waiting for

the EPT results to be evaluated by the neurologist although I do know that they have got the report from the EPT.

I am hoping that it is all clear as I don’t ( want ) MS, but on the other hand, I want to know what on earth is going

on within me as it has been going on for a long time and getting worse… If the EPT are clear, then what?

Just wondered if any of you have been through this and how long it all takes. Thanks for listening:)


It is very rare (not strictly impossible, just very rare) to get an MS diagnosis with a clear MRI,even if other tests suggest something is wrong.

So I think even if the evoked potentials were abnormal, this would not pave the way to diagnosis - just confirm that there is something to be found, but not necessarily that it’s MS.

If the tests are completely normal, it could point to a discharge, and/or referral to a different discipline, or just to keep you on the books and play watch and wait.

Sorry, but it’s very common - I’d almost say the norm - for there to be no quick and easy answers to problems of this nature, especially as there is no test that can prove you have OR haven’t got MS.

It’s a matter of weighing all the evidence, and there has to be lots of it, to safeguard against incorrect diagnosis. If everything keeps coming back clear, then really, their hands are tied as far as diagnosis goes. It doesn’t mean you’re imagining things - it just means findings are inconclusive…yet.

I know it’s frustrating and even worrying not having answers, but you’ve got to try to look on it as: “no news is good news”. If there remains no classic evidence of MS, you’re still left with a fighting chance it might be nothing too serious - which can only be a positive thing.


Thanks Tina

I totally agree with all you said.))) All this MS lark is getting on my nerves really… I just want to know one way

or the other…The only reason why I want to know asap is that IF it is MS then I want treatment now!!:)) but if it isn’t then I want treatment for whatever it is that is causing all this with me… They say that Fibromyalgia and MS go hand in hand in some ways as the symptoms are fairly alike… but of course if you have Fibromyalgia then the MRI brain scans are usually clear and then of course they do other tests which they have done with me… All I hope it isn’t MS as I don’t want it full stop:))

I suppose one of the things that has been going through my mind is… that all these signs and symptoms seem to take a long time for the consultants to come to a conclusion, and they say that sometimes all the test can be clear and yet someone can still have MS even after that… It all sounds madness really… I just want to live and jet round the world:))) and yet because of all that I have had happen to me, I am now thinking, is it me? am I mental? but why do I have all these seizures and symptoms it’s got to be something? hopefully all will turn out well for me in the end… Thanks for your reply though and like I say I agree with all you said as it certainly made sense:)))