Neurologist referring me to neurosurgeon why?

I had an MRI done on my head which showed lesions, neurologist says possible ms, ordered one on my neck, it’s come back and they say it’s clear, no sign of lesions on my neck and spine. EEG getting done on Monday and lumbar puncture next Thursday. Why is he referring me to an Neurosurgeon…please help, I am getting treated for epilepsy at the moment, constantly dizzy, tired, numb leg, hip arm, My world has went from normal to crazy, what’s the difference between an neurologist and a neurosurgeon.

Neurosurgeons are surgeons, i.e. doctors who do operations. The neuro bit of the title indicates that the surgery they do involves the nerves.

Neurologists are doctors who don’t do surgery - they diagnose and treat conditions involving the nerves, but the treatments do not include surger.

When you see the neurosurgeon, hopefully he will explain why you have been referred to him. If he doesn’t, ask. He shouldn’t mind explaining.

My nurologist referred me to N/surgeon because of an MRI that she thought showed a kink in my spin, that may have been causing my walking/balance probs, didn’t end up seeing them, as they looked at MRI and decided not to bother seeing me, which was a bumer because I was sure it was somthing like that, still in denial, but what can you do, if your not a billionaire. Lol. Try not to stress, they won’t do a spine bypass.