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I have quite extensive neurological history, including epilepsy and a lot of malfunctions with my brain apparent on all my MRI scans. Last year my neurologist suggested that I may have MS as my vision had changed substantially and I had sensory disturbances down one side, and so ordered an MRI with this in mind. I had an MRI head, neck and eyes done. Now all of a sudden my neurologist has changed to [removed by moderator]. Having read up on him he seems to be an MS specialist. Does it seem likely that something has shown up on the MRI thus the reason for my neurologist changing? Or could it be a coincidence?


You do have to be careful about naming specific doctors on here, as you’ve now discovered.

It’s possible that something has shown up on MRI indicating the need to change neurologist. But it’s just as likely that it is coincidence. Many people with MS end up seeing Parkinson’s, or Stroke specialists. And often people with (for eg) Parkinson’s end up with MS specialists. Partly it’s because there are only so many neurologists employed by a specific hospital, or the specialist you saw before having left the Trust, or having a full list.

Also perhaps your neurologist just wants an MS specialist to see you to rule MS in or out.

Best of luck.