Neuro at Spire hospital in Leeds


Im going for a second opinion to a ms specialist at a spire hospital in Leeds and was wondering if anyone had had seen a specialist in Leeds.



sent you a pm

J x

I’ve seen a specialist in Leeds but that was at LGI… she seemed pretty capable and deals with you as a person, not as a case; a pleasant surprise! She couldn’t give me the drug I wanted, but was prepared to explain why not; as soon as she explained it, I understood the reasoning and accepted it. (Reason was, I’m not ill enough to qualify for it yet!) I’ll pm you the details.

Hi Chris, are you paying for this appointment?

I went private initially as there was a 10 months waiting list…back in 1900 and frozen to death!

I paid £200 for an hour`s examination and results of MRI. I had the MRI on NHS.

What they charging nowadays, if you dont mind me asking chuck!

How long have you been in limboland?

Look forward to reading how it went.

luv Polllx

Yes 2 weeks ago seen a specialist at Seacroft hospital. She was a big help and got me on tecfidera. .

Its a male im going to see, i decided to see him because he specialises in ms and white matter problems in general. I dont have a ms dx but for my own peace of mind i wanted a second opnion.

Thanks Christine

The initial consultation is £180.00. Im not sure how long iv been in limbo land as iv been diagnosed with M.E./Fibro/ thyroid so not sure if those symptoms are related to whats going on now. I know that synptoms started to change about three years ago and i never suspected ms, the changes were quite subtle but now they are daily and some constant.


Thanks, Seacroft has been mentioned a couple of times, do they specialise in MS?

Yes it was brilliant place glad my specialist is there … loads of info,books etc there the specialist was really helpful.

Yes ,Seacoft hospital in Leeds is the ms specialist centre.

Thanks, its worth knowing and if i do get a dx i could get referred there. I dont think i could afford to keep going private after the first consultation.

Hi Christine , i also go to seacroft hospital i see a doctor lily

Thats who im going to see. He appears to have a good reptation.

Can i ask if he was the one the one that diagnosed you?

I asked to see Dr Lily and he advised my Halifax neuro to try a second LP. That was done and still no diagnosis.

I have heard great reports about Dr Lily…Oliver!

Let us know how it goes, yeh?


He is the one i see, Poll such a good neuro,lovely manner too, which isnt always the case.

J x

Hi Boudica,

Did Dr lily get to see your mri scan?

Hi MrsJ,

Im liking the sound of him already.

Im trying to get together all my medical tests and things including brain mri and cervical mri both of which are quite recent.

Had cervical mri in the summer 2015 and was sent follow up letter, when i rang GP yesterday the radiologist report attached to that clinic letter was from previous mri in 2013. Not only had the muscular skeletol departartment sent the wrong report but my GP had not checked it either. Im finding thatyou have to double check everything.

I think Dr. Lily sees patients at the spire on a friday so im hoping to see him next week.

Thanks Christine

I see Dr ford

No, Dr Lily didnt see my mri scans. I was disappointed my referral to him came to nowt!

The best neuro I saw, amongst the 16 over as many years, was Dr Dafalla. He is a specialist in HSP. He gave me an hour to talk it all through. I felt he was a good guy…interested. Saw him at Huddersfield Infirmary.


It sounds like you got to see the right person in the end.

I will let you know how i go on after seeing Dr.Lily.