Ne1 know doc turner, ms specialist, Portsmouth

I went to see my doc today and got a referal to Dr Turner at the Spire private hospital in Portsmouth. Anyone know him? Anyone got any info bout him? My gp wasd going to whack me back through NHS and I told him I wanted to go private this time. Had enough messing about 4 years ago, last time I went through this. So my thinkings this time is that if I go private then I’m paying the man so he better listen and take me seriously. Essentially I want an amazing service that’s worthy of his fees. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I wold expect that of any product or service I buy. Anyhow I’ll let you alL know how I get on appointment in a couple of weeks. Jojo xxxxxxx

Hi there I went to Southampton General and saw Dr Turner who is an MS specialist. could this be the same guy as this is in the same sort of area? Teresa xx

Yeah probably what was your experience?

He gave me a lot of time and was very thorough. He confirmed my original neuro’s diagnosis of PPMS. He seemed fine, I wouldn’t rave about him but there wasn’t really anything I could complain about. Teresa xx

I would be interested to see how you got on with Dr Turner. He diagnosed me two and a half years ago at Southampton and promptly signed me off his books with no word of advice on how to get on with my life or how to access support services. I have a whole host of new symptoms now - my GP advised me to visit this site for advice - and that’s been so useful. But now I will have to be referred again and wait 13 weeks no doubt; I won’t be going back to Dr Turner!



he is in the same clinic at Southampton as I use but I see his colleague.
However my daughters friends mum (SPMS) is with him and she rates him.
The wait times for NHS at Southampton are ridicules though, a year or more for some appointments


Please contact Southampton Neuro reception and ask about the MS nurses there. They are brilliant and cover all Hampshire, Sussex if your in that area.

I rely on mine as they can push things along with getting into the consultants if you are having issues and new symptoms. They can also kick off the Community Relapse Protocol, which will get you access to steroids should you need them.

whilst I have moaned about my neuro, I anow understand why he was like he was with my treatment.

Thanks that’s useful - by coicidence I phoned the MS nurses at Southampton today - I didn’t know they existed til I found their details on this site - I got an ansaphone and am waiting for them to get back to me.

Do you see Dr Halfpenny? Years ago, pre-diagnosis I saw Dr Frankel, he was lovely but I think he specialises in Parkinson’s.


Yes he is my neuro but I may be being passed on to the John Radcliffe for a bit whilst they decide what I am! Lol I was there on Tuesday for my MRI results and new DMD’S, and saw his side kick, but it was for bloods n general poking around before telling me They think I have NMO. Halfpenny has been great. The MS nurses are brilliant although they do cover some obscene territories! However they do make a massive difference. Good luck with getting hold of them!

Thanks for the advice. Still waiting for a nurse to get back to me - they must be rushed off their feet! Meanwhile I have another GP appt on Monday - I will be pushing for a referral to Dr Halfpenny - time to get things moving.

Good luck to you to and hope John Radcliffe can help you.


Hi Wendy I saw Dr Turner too who signed me off in the same way but I do have PPMS and nothing can be done for me. I recently contacted the MS nurses and they got back to me very quickly. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, thanks for your message. Perhaps that’s how Dr Turner works then. I will ring the nurses again if I don’t hear back early next week. Glad to hear they got back to you quickly and hope they can help you if Dr Turner can’t.