Neuro app

I called my nureos secretary and explained that i had a app in febuary ,but had already had my bloods and mri done so i now i have a app on 5Th oct .

iam expecting to be fobbed off like first app , i asked about my bloods already which have come back all in normal range , consultant thinks its stress and anxiety and i don t think so , so will hopefully see one way or another on the 5th . on my first app he was so adamant that it was nothing that he didnt even broach the subject that if anything was wrong what it could possibly be . he literally said stress and anxiety .no nuerological thing at all .

Good luck to everyone who is still in limboland and also those who have got their diagnoses , hope everyone stays healthy x

Best wishes for your appointment on the 5th. I have mine on the 15th October. Sam x

Good luck with yours too samantha ,

let us know how you got on x