Oh boy,i had neuralgia 3 years ago,in my right side of the face, and today it started on the left side.I had forgotten what the pain was like.

Im now suffering real bad,ive taken neurofen for the pain,Because im on meds,can i take codiene,i have loads of them left.Does anyone know.

To late to get an appt for my doc,and they dont take phonecalls.

kim x

Hi Kim,

ah, you poor thing, I know the feeling and it’s the worst in the world (officially, I think – see Google).

Anyway, a couple of things I’d mention:

  1. for some reason (and it might be chemical: again, see Google!) Annadin Extra or normal asprin has a better effect on neuralgia than Neurofen; sorry I can’t remember the details;

  2. toothpaste for sensitive teeth (i.e. Sensodyne) rubbed into appropriate gums, helps;

  3. better even than the toothpaste (which can cause allergies) for me, is an essential oil (i.e. tea tree, garlic – garlic, my favourite), diluted in olive oil; that worked brilliantly for me when I had excruciating trigeminal neuralgia a while back.

Sorry if spelling not spot-on today. Not a good day: scaffolding went up outside my home for roof repairs today.

Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon – remember it won’t go on forever!

Love, Virginia

Hi Kim, What “other meds” are you on? Codeine should be safe with most meds typically prescribed for MS, including DMDs, but if in doubt, ask a pharmacist. You can definitely mix codeine and paracetamol - in fact, the combination is said to be more effective than either on their own. You can also mix or alternate codeine and ibuprofen. I’m not actually sure any of these will address neuralgia, though. You might need something specifically targeting nerve pain. Tina

Thanks,I take amthripline 25mg (carnt spell today) and baclofen 15mg.My mate who is a gp phoned last night and i was able to speak to him.Had a terrible nights sleep,I carnt describe the pain,made me cry which is something i dont usally do.Ended up in the spare room cos my other half was snoring like a pig.

Have just woken up,thanks to my cat who new something was wrong and was cuddling me.Feel very dizzy today and have the shakes bad in my hand.

Thank you for answering my post.Defintly feel sorry for myself today,had so much todo,but im not going to do anything.

kim x