Negativity winning

My tremor makes some shots ‘tricky’ and although I like looking at the natural world I don’t have many photo’s of it, would you please consider sending me a few of your own? Thanks, George.

By all means. When I get to my pc. I can send some snaps and or links to Flickr where I have some shots but there are photos from many talented (and some not so) photographers. Today on the music front I found Nell Bryden.

How are you doing today? yesterday? etc truthfully rather than standard British answer of fine🤔 which we all tend to do! X

Hummm, that’s a question for today. I’ve just had a district nurse give me an enema. This happens fortnightly at the moment and has done for several months! It’s a delight.

Luckily I have no sense of embarrassment left to me.

My bowels and bladder just don’t work. Nor do my legs, hands, or sometimes my brain!! And I’m tired, but that’s normal too.

So in a way today is much the same as everyday! Really on a sort of ‘average’, neither terribly positive or negative! (I don’t really do ‘fine’ anymore.)

How about you? Negative or positive?


One engineery type answer is “similar crap, different day !
Sometimes I respond with “do you really want to know?” Depending on the answer they either get “fine” or a monologue of the truth :scream_cat:

Same crap!! Ha!


busted, you must know potty mouthed folk too…
M ‘kin’ 'ell

More positive however we are constantly reminded ( not that we can forget) who is in charge… Please remember that we are all in this godforsaken boat together and Mick I get it completely… Keep strong :crossed_fingers:

Yes I am constantly reminded that my cat :cat2: is in charge. In his absence, my husband deputises.

At least no one expects me to be in charge in this house.


I am the queen :crown: of the potty mouths.


Today I am Ms Negativity.

I’ve been for an appointment with my favourite doctor; he’s an amazing neurological rehab specialist. An actual physical, face to face appointment! It lasted nearly an hour. He actually did a bit of a physical examination. So far so positive?

But he thinks my transferring is getting worse. Which I knew. My legs are weaker. I also knew this. He’s arranging for a different physio (different to my usual ‘drinking tea, gossiping, occasionally mentioning physiotherapy’ physio) to come and see us (me and Mr Ssssue) looking at transferring and equipment! He thinks I need to come to terms with the progressive nature of my MS! That using equipment to help me transfer might mean I need help with every transfer (thus removing the tiny bit of independence I have left). Boo. He also thinks I should keep my mind open to getting another SPC. Which I know but I don’t want. Boo.

So although I knew this, I am well aware of my decrepitude. It was having it said. I know eventually I’ll have to have another SPC (I hated it when I had one 4 years ago). I know eventually I’ll need help transferring, more than just having Mr Ssssue propping up my hip (aka lifting my right butt with his hand) but I don’t want it.

I am feeling a tiny bit depressed. And a tad negative. It’s not that he said anything particularly new to me. It just brings it home.

At least when I said ‘Poxy MS’, he agreed and repeated it! He’s also said he’ll kick the gastroenterology department a ‘kick up the a*se’ since they’ve had a referral from him since January. That’s not necessarily going to make my digestion problems any better (basically nothing gets properly absorbed), but you never know.

And he finally agreed that taking Oxycodone for hip pain might be acceptable in small doses. Which I asked him to say to my GP months ago. So, no sooner have I done what the GP and I had an argument about (ie weaned myself completely off Oxycodone), but he says it’s OK to take it!

He’s still my favourite doctor. (And I told him that he’s brilliant plus that I boast about how great he is!)

But I feel less positive than usual and thought I’d share my misery.


Oh Sue unusual for you?!
We Msers understand and somebody medical telling you what you as already know is a punch to the gut
Progression is **** we know but to be told is #*£#**! Tomorrow is another day wallow today then pick yourself up with Mr SSSUE’S help :wink: and get back to being positive for the rest of us… Yourself Mick and George have a great role to help in our world of MS… Hoping you can find some positives gin + cake + happy music with the wonder of nature… :crossed_fingers::heart_eyes: I speak from personal gratitude… As a negativity winning champion​:medal_military::trophy:

Please excuse me for the typos I used to be clever :joy:

That’s a pisser, Sue. It’s one thing knowing it perfectly well and it’s quite another hearing a medical expert say it.

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Grrrrrr I agree with Alison total pi$$er

It must be time for a proper potty mouth engineering description.
Bit of a (removed by moderator)fest cluster(removed by moderator)
Not sure about you but I feel better.
On a more serious note, I understand the difference between knowing something and being told the same thing. Sadly it is one of those crappy bits about today’s new normal. Please feel free to have a tantrum and hurl / share the abuse. Then have a very large drink and watch something that makes you laugh out loud. Sending you and Mr Sssue my very best wishes (which may not be up to much but is as good as it gets)
Hope you feel a bit better soon

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Sorry. I did not intend to cause offence.

No offence here. A total pi$$er indeed.

Thank you all for your much needed support, swearing, fellowship and empathy.

One of the things that most got to me yesterday (sorry for repetition and continued whining) was, ‘Your legs are much weaker than last time I examined you and they’re not going to get any better no matter what you do. Exercising them won’t help!’

Still, in the words of Winston Churchill, and much beloved by Anthony (A Durer), I’ll ‘keep burgering on’ - or words to that effect.

Sue xx