need some info please

hey just wandering i have had neck pain for a week now its moving down my back now and my right arm is really sore i have ms and just wandered if this could be to do with ms.

please write back

thanks carly xx

It could be your MS, but it also might not be

Definitely best to see your GP and/or phone your MS nurse.

Good luck!

Karen x

thankyou karen have seen my gp but he says he doesnt no much about ms and i am waiting to hear from a ms nurse as only just been referred how long did you have to first wait to see your ms nurse ?


carly xx

hi,diagnosed on monday with ms,after similar episode 20 years ago. 1 lesion on brain then, now have multiple… Also get awful neck pain/headace,left side then numbness down left arm/leg. rang ms nurse today, said it could be nerve pain and to start gabepentin. used for nerve pain. Awaiting mri of neck as only did head and lumbar puncture. Anne x

If the GP reckons it’s your MS, but he can’t help, then at least you know it is your MS. Progress of a sort?!

MS nurses are always horrendously busy so I wouldn’t wait to hear from him/her - it might be a while.

Your GP should be able to get you your MS nurse’s contact details though. If he isn’t being helpful, then you could phone your neuro’s secretary, explain that you are newly diagnosed and are in a lot of pain, but your GP isn’t helping and you don’t know who else to contact. Could she/he ask the neuro for advice about meds for you, or maybe give you the MS nurse contact details? (Ask for the email address as well as the phone number - might come in handy.)

If all else fails and your pain is really bad, then you can always go to A&E. They can assess if it’s muscular or neuropathic pain and hopefully give you some painkillers. Then you can get your GP to prescribe more. I know this sounds like a completely ridiculous solution, but sometimes needs must…

Karen x

sorry about you diagnosis anne. im waiting to go and sort my medication sorted.

thankyou karen you have been very helpful i recieved a copy of the letter that was sent of to a speacilist to sort my meds out so hopefully wont have long to wait now.

carly x