Need some advice

Hi Guys…After seeing my GP yesterday and telling him that im having problems walking any distance he has suggested that he arranges for me to get a wheelchair for the times i cant walk…im not sure about this …is the slippy road

Hi mac, I know how scary the first thought of having a wheelchair is.

I`ve been there and have actually been a full time wheelie now for around 10 years.

Try to think of a wheelchair as an aid to keep you less fatigued and safe. Using one for days out can be a good idea. Or you could keep it in the back of the car…just incase.

In the meantime, or even once you do get a wheelchair, try your best to keep your legs going and your standing strength good.

luv Pollx

Hi Mac

Poll is right, it does seem scary at first but think of it as a tool that will make your life easier, saving your energy for other things.

Mine totally changed my life, it enabled me to go on days out with my young family, and many years on it has enabled me to do things and go places that otherwise would be out of my reach.

It does get easier, just one day at a time, take care.

Pam x

Thanks guys, like always your advice has put things in there place xx