need a new career

getting to that stage of my life where i need to start thinkin logically about my next career steps, for last 9 years i have worked my backside off in the hospitality industry to get myself to a managerial level, but with my m.s im finding it very difficult to cope with the demands of such an industry, not the kind of jobs that you can get time to st for a bit, my employers have been nothing short of brilliant with me, directors mother has m.s, but i feel i need to make a change now while im still young enough, problem is that i dont know what kind of job id like to do, im a very hands on type of person so wouldnt like the kinda job that requires me to sit on my backside all day, i dont know what to do or what sector to look at, i am very employable due to my experience and personality, even if i do have a disablilty.

I guess im looking for any ideas, what kind of jobs do you guys do etc???

Have you ever thought about setting up your own business? It may be hard to start off with but could be soooo worth it. Im a graphic designer and have been in the industry for 6 years now. I often think about having my own business Im just not brave enough to do it.

I also do avon as an extra (avon calling hehe), i really enjoy that because I get to have a good old gossip with my ladies when i drop off there order and i have come top in the top 5 sales people in my first few months so im really chuffed about that.

My partner is just about to take a big career change so i no how hard it is to decide what you want to do. Good luck with your new journey.


I was about to post a whole story about work and MS but must have touched a wrong button. I blame cognitive issues (…)

For that reason I will try again to post a similar comment later on (after I have calmed down…).

Still, I felt that I had to respond to your email straight away ‘Cww’… If your employer has been OK with you then stay there!! I would almost say ‘brilliant’ (I said ALMOST…) to the fact that the director’s mother has MS, because that must be one of the reasons that they have been OK with you, next to the fact that you have worked there for more than 9 years!

I was diagnosed with MS in 2003, when, at the same time, I started a new job as a finance manager for a small firm… Working life has been full of ‘downs’ (and hardly any ‘ups’) ever since, mainly caused by the fact that all they could see, AND the only person they knew, was a person with MS (as this could no longer be disguised due to cognitive issues, fatigue, etc etc).

The lack of understanding, willingly and unwillingly, was huge and embarrassing at times, for which reasons I kept on ‘jumping’ into other assignments, whereby situations became even more frustrating due to the progression of the MS (SPMS now).

What I am trying to say is Cww, stay where you are, it’s the best option, dealing with the MS itself is hard enough, you do not need all the other s**t (excusez le mot, was inspired by another topic on this site…), it’s a tough world out there, especially under the present economical circumstances.

Good luck!

Hi ya,

I’m in a similar quandry myself - I love my job, have excellent employers and at the present time have no intention of going anywhere. But like you am thinking about my future as I know that I won’t be able to do my current job indefinitely.

I’m looking at eventually having a complete change of career & working from home instead - but the ‘what’ is the difficult bit! So I get exactly where you’re coming from.

I’d sit tight where you are for now. Think about you’d really like to do - maybe working for yourself from home?

It’s a toughy and will be a life changing decision so have a scour about for ideas and look into it properly before you leave a good job…Now is not the time to leave yourself without any income especially if your current post and employers are good ones!

Good luck

Debbie xx

…by the way (and I will really disappear for a while after this…he said…), I have picked up ‘rumours’ that Marks and Spencer are very understanding towards for example (you guessed right…) people wih MS, for as long as a person is still able to operate at a certain level AND is still keen/able to put some pride into his/her work (here I am!..)

I absolutety adore the quality and the ‘Englishness’ (I emigrated from Holland in 1995) of M&S and I would love to apply for a job at any M&S ‘settlement’ in the Gloucester/Cheltenham area.

Has anyone got any stories/experiences on the subject?

Many thanks (my God, do those happy pills work! :slight_smile: