I used to work in a pharmaceutical company (norbrook) but I had to leave because I my my good days and bad days where I feel real bad and cant do anything, im sure alot of you are the same, so I had to leave as I wasnt reliable to work everyday, I would like to know if anyone is in the same situation as myself and what careers you had also, and if your job made your work adaptable for you so that you can work with your illnes… thanks

I was a legal advisor for a national charity that helps young people into work. I worked in their head office for 6 years.

Unfortunately, when I had a relapse, it was diagnosed as stress related and I was off work for 6 months. I went back to work and continued the job until my second relapse 2 years later. It was treated again as stress/anxiety and was at a time when there was a great deal of stress due to redundancies and mergers going on within the company.

I decided to quit based on the fact that the stress was triggering my problems. That was 2 years ago. I took up an open university course in something that I’m interested in and I work part time in a family business just now.

There are acts of government which make sure you are not treated unfairly because of a condition you may have medically but if it causes you problems then you need to change your situation to do something that you enjoy and that you will cope with.

For me, it gave me the kick up the backside I needed to decide I didn’t want to work in that kind of environment. I like being in control of my own work and my own pace, so I’m heading in that direction now.

Money is not the world. We make ends meet and should do something we feel worthy and useful whilst making those ends meet. I’m putting myself through hard work to get there, but I know it will eventually be worth it.

All the best, and remember you can change, adapt and control your future.


Thanks for the input, the same happened to me, the first time I got ill it was for meningitis then I got diagnosed with MS and was in the hospital for 2 and a half months, eventually I went back to work then took a relapse then I went back again and took another relapse, I havent worked in two years now, I dont want to go back and work unless its something I like so I guess im trying to find myself, one thing I have learned through all of this is work/money is nothing compared to your health, im 22 years old so I have time to figure out what I want to do

I was 23 when I was first in that position and diagnosed at 25 after 2 years off work.

The Open University is great. They provide loads of support and help and support.

I’m in Scotland, so get tuition fees paid for and don’t know how it works anywhere else. My mum’s always saying “everything happens for reason” which is frustrating and I don’t believe it, but I do believe that what does happen can happen for a good reason, made by you.
If I hadn’t been diagnosed, I might have spent 10, 20, 40 years of my life in an office, climbing a corporate ladder that I really wasn’t much interested in - and life could have passed me by without getting what I want to get out of life.
The diagnosis made me sit down and assess what I want. I want to travel. I want to experience certain things and live my life a certain way. I put a plan into motion to get those things - not overnight, but over time I will get what I want from life.

MS doesn’t have to be a limiter. It can be an enabler. A motivating force to make you do things.

All the best :slight_smile:


I think your mum is right in saying that, everything does happen for a reason, but not always a good reason, I have a real phobia of travelling now due to bowel and bladder issues, even a long car journey is hard for me, I think it is more of a mental thing at this point but theres light at the end of the tunnel for everyone, things just take time

hi mcfee

see a bowel and bladder nurse as soon as possible.

they are great. they make an embarrassing situation appear normal and they can offer real, practical help.

ask your gp to refer you or you can refer yourself.

good luck

carole x

I have been seeing both and got a urodynamics test and stuff done and I have been using catherders for years now, think it is just a mental battle now

well mcfee, your mind is strong enough to help you survive ms so maybe now it should help you with your fears of toilet accidents.

there must be something that can be done for you.

pester the blighters!

good luck

carole x