Nausea ms

Does anyone get nausea? I’ve been recently diagnosed and since august I sometimes get random nausea and it can last for days, does anyone else suffer from this ?

Hi Ricky,

Yes, sometimes I do get nausea, although it doesn’t last for days luckily. The GP gave me some tablets to help with my dizziness & nausea, and I have to say they do help. Speak to your MS Nurse they will be able to help you, probably better than the GP’s will as they understand MS.

Have you been given any DMT options yet?

Take care.

Hi thanks for responding. I’m due to start kesimpta in two weeks time

Hi there,

I wish you all the very best of luck with the Kesimpta, I hope you don’t get any adverse reactions to it.

I am due to have my first blood test next week since I completed my first year of Cladribine. So I guess we will see if it’s doing it’s job.

Keep in touch.