nasa satelite heading for us . . .

hi everyone, just been reading gossip n news on net. apparently on the 24th of sept, there is an old satelite heading to land somewhere on earth. nasa left their space rubbish debris to its own devices again. they got no idea where it will land or how much of it will survive the pressure of entering earths atmosphere. ummm, are they not meant to be the experts in space type things? i mean if they do not know then lord help the rest of us eh, lol! :o

Just saw this on the news this morning. It made me laugh. Apparently, there is only a 1 in 3000 chance of it injuring anyone. So scientists are saying, ‘little risk’ BUT, some do the Lotto with a 1 in 24 000 000 and believe they’re gonna win!! Be careful if you play the ‘long odds’ in life, in may just come true! (the Satelite hitting you and not winning the Lotto!)

Satellites are coming back to earth all the time. They all will as there is nothing to keep them up there and they all spin very slowly back to earth. Usually they burn up with nothing by a nice light show. The returns are unpredictable because no one knows how fast the satellite (or whatever it is) will burn up in the atmosphere. The BBC report says ‘Satellite decays can be affected by a number of different factors, such as the shape of the spacecraft and its unpredictable tumbling, as well as heating of the Earth’s atmosphere by ultraviolet radiation from the Sun.’ s/science-environment-15021323 delete the gap in ‘new s’ Don’t worry too much about any bits of the burnt up satellite landing on you because it’s expected to land in the Southern Ocean. The Russian space station was the last big space ‘thing’ to come back to earth I can’t remember how many years or even decades ago that was.

Don’t touch it though it belongs to NASA lol

But a 1 in 3000 chance of it injuring someone doesn’t equate to a 1 in 3000 chance of it being you (or me). When you think how many people are on the planet, a 1 in 3000 of it injuring any of them at all is pretty small. Whereas the odds of somebody winning the lottery are pretty high - as long as you don’t specify who. Personally, I don’t think it’s even worth worrying about. And if I’m not here tomorrow, because I’ve been killed by a piece of falling space debris, I won’t be worrying about it then, either. All of us (those of us that still leave the house, that is) are far more likely to have an accident on one of Britain’s roads some time in the next couple of days.