Hello all. Cutting a long story short having been diagnosed with ms many years a go now. Has anyone her been diagnosed with narcolepsy caused by ms. Will post a bit more about it at later time. Thanks all in advance.

you should at least be able to get modafinil prescribed.

i wanted it for ms fatigue but was told it is only for narcolepsy.

carole x

I wanted to try Modafinil because I had heard really good things about how it helps with MS fatigue. I had to battle to get it - but eventually I succeeded and started taking it in December. It felt great when I started taking it. My brain was functioning for the first time in what felt like years. However I am not getting any relief from it any longer. I’m Taking 200mg in the morning. I have spoken to the neuropsychiatrist who prescribed it and she has said that the dose could be increased by 100mg at lunchtime. The way I feel now I don’t believe it will make any difference, but i’m happy to be proved wrong in time. I really thought - from posts that i’d read by people who were taking it - that it would sort out the fatigue once and for all. Sadly that’s not the case for me - but it obviously works well for some people.