Name change on forum?

Sorry I think I must be dense, but I can’t find out how to change the name that I post under which is why at the moment I am anon. My name is my email address, which is odd in itself, but I just can find out how to change it? Any ideas? Thanks

Now that is a damn good question !

I’ve looked right through my “homepage” and theres nothing in there to allow a name change ?

Ask the admin team. It must be possible, but they would probably have to do it. Having your email address as a user name would be so wrong. When you set up an account, you don’t always think about what is going to show up! Hopefully you’ll be able to get it sorted, just ask Oliver. Sue

Hi Anon, your post has been referred to admin who can do that for you

Val [Moderator]

Hi, if you can PM me, I will be able to change that for you.

Oliver - admin