had to change user name

have been trying to get logged on for 3 days now but it would not let me only way on was to create a new account. like a lot of others have said ,this new forum is hard to use,it may be ok for the computer wizzers but it is not much good for the computer novices like me. much preferred the other site it was sooooo much easier to seems to be a lot of money and time spent on something what has become more difficult to work… take care Scoobydoo bdoo bdoo

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I want to change my user name, did not know my full name would appear online ???

the worst thing about having to get a new user name is that any (virtual) friends need to be told. apart from that it’s the incessant stream of new passwords. hey, i have ms which brings brain fog along with it! so i solved that one by just adding the month and year - now it is 25.6

It just says INACTIVE USER.

I got warned as i hadnt used forum for ages i would be locked out. I use it every day so what was that all about. they seemed to have had an issue a few weeks back when we had all the old posts being dredged up and its not been right since then.

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Carol Mc this is an old post if you want to change your username ask admin. These days you have to email them.

Jan x

Hi Carol, can you please PM and I will do this for you.

Oliver - admin

Hi Oliver, can we still PM admin? I tried recently but didn’t get a reply I was under the impression we had to email.

Jan x

Hi Jan,

Apologies your PM was unanswered - but yes, you can still PM and we’ll do our best to reply asap.