myofascial therapy

Has anyone heard of / experienced myofascial release therapy? The instructor introduced the use of spiked massage balls during my pilates class today and said it would help to generate ‘myofascial release’ ???

Any thoughts please?

Thanks ,


No idea about any of that, but I hope it isn’t as sore as it sounds!


I dunno - but I’ve been thinking about a spiky ball to massage the sole of my foot, supposed to help relax muscles that make your toes droop, and thereby allow you to work & strengthen the opposite muscles to lift your toes and help counter foot drop. Is that more or less what the myo-wotsit therapy is about?

The first thing we did was roll the ball around with a foot - then change and do the other one. Very interesting reaction on my right foot - felt kind of tingly and on the verge of cramp, although it didn’t cramp. Then afterwards it felt sort of more relaxed - although I wouldn’t have said it felt particularly tight in the first place. When I did it on left foot I didn’t feel anything much at all - certainly nothing like the right one. … Used the ball on other body parts and it just felt like a gentle massage. Will be interesting to c what it’s like next time.

I go ever week. Literally the best thing I ever did. Makes Baclofen look like useless little sweets.