My story thus far.....and some questions.

Hi , everyone , so here is my story.

It started about a year ago. I was having many dizzy spells, and my hands were tingling day and night. Especially when I went to sleep. Also, was having some eye issues, including light sensitivity and floaters. After about 6 months of this, finally got into a neurologist. Ordered a carpal tunnel test and mri of brain and brain stem. At that point i had very slight carpal tunnel and my brain MRI turned out completely normal. In the meantime, my dizziness has stopped and the tingly hands have stopped during the day. Went to see two eye doctors who both said they could see nothing wrong with my eyes. At that time my neuro also ordered a c-spine mri. Turned out completely normal, other than two herniated dics in my C-6, C-7 area. Two other little things started in the meantime. My right knee sometimes feels tight and weak, and also, it seems I sweat alot lately. When looking on the internet i have almost convinced myself it seems i have PPMS. I have even went as far as to ask my neuro for a LP, to which she said no, and not at this time since my MRI have showed nothing. She basically said she would see me back in 6 months for any changes.

in terms of myself, i am still pretty active, as I run 4 times a week, about 3-4 miles each time.

So what am i to do? Went to neuro and eye doctors who said they see nothing. Even though I think PPMS. I guess I just have to wait to see changes in 6 months??

Hi J’er. I know from experience that problems with your neck can cause tingling in your hands and arms (I had surgery to a disc at C5/6). I hope for your sake you don’t have PPMS, there are so many neurological things that have similar symptoms. You don’t need countless lesions for ms though, I’d see how you get on and if your symptoms continue to get worse maybe ask again for an LP as that could give you a better idea of whether or not you do have ms.

Please don’t focus on this illness, there could be so many alternatives, especially if there are issues with your neck. Take care.

Cath x

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Hey again, I hope it’s not PPMS and I wish I was that active mines gotten worse not better but in good news kind of my uveitis is no longer active but the sight is just as bad since we last talked, they said its secondary to Ms, I go back in April, 6 month waiting for a Ms nurse they are chasing it up.

But I thought PPMS is more disabling, I went from running in March 2013 to barely walking with aids in June 2013 I am worse now I only walk round house using crutches, while your still active I guess that means no inflammation active, you don’t want this trust me.

Hi why don’t you concentrate on your kneck problems see if your gp will refer you to physiotherapy or neuro who deals with spinal problems and get as good a fix on that as you can then see where you are as others have said you don’t want ppms

And you don’t want disc problems in your cspine getting worse either believe me g


Have they checked your B12 levels in your blood. Dizzyness and pins and needles in hands are classic symptoms of that. Look at the pernicious anemia socety website. If you dont have lesions then it is not PPMS.


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thanks for all the replies guys, i appreciate them.