15 Months of Limbo Land - PPMS? And a few questions!

Hi everyone. I know some of you know my story, but have been gone a while and wanted to give some updates. Hope all is well. Well, wanna tell ya my story, and ask a few questions. Basically I have had some things going on for the last 15 months. It all started with dizzy spells and tingly hands. The tingly hands stopped after a couple weeks, and for the most part the dizzy spells have come and gone for the past months. Nothing horrible and nothing debilitating. The only other thing that stuck around are that my hands now go to sleep at night (when I am sleeping) rather easily. After those symptoms my dr sent me to a neuro. Neuro sent me for a brain and brain stem MRI. Both came back normal. In the last 6 months, have had a few other things pop up. Some light sensitivity and floaters in my eyes, to which two opthmalogists have said they see nothing wrong. Also, my right knee sometimes gets weak, and feels tight a lot. Also seem to have a sweating problem. The sweating has seemed to get better in the last month though. About 4 months ago neuro sent me for a c-spine MRI which was also normal, but did show a herniated disc at c-6. Also just had my 2nd brain MRI which was normal. My neuro has now said she will see me in 6 months. So, now for my questions. Do you think I should get another c-spine mri, or t-spine? Also, I have asked about a lumbar puncture but my neuro said no, as until she sees a lesion, no matter what the lp says, I still cant be diagnosed. Should I seek a 2nd opinion? Basically my neuro doesn’t really think it is MS, or PPMS as I suggested to her. Thanks in advance.

I’m confused, why would you want a second opinion? Nothing MS’y has been found on your (several) MRI’s, your other tests have been clear, your other symptoms have gone…I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by saying that your hands go to sleep when you’re asleep rather easily…?

The neuro doesn’t want you to have a LP & as no lesions have been found, she doesn’t suspect MS…so why would you think you have PPMS?

Sorry, but I don’t think asking for a second opinion would be of any benefit to you


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