My role as a carer

hi All any advice . I am my mums carer but don’t live with her, and she has progressive MS. Her mobility has changed drastically recently and her care needs have to match. Having adapted to the new levels of care she needs. She is now only using one room of her two bed bungalow. My brother lives with her and is causing some issues relating to the household cleaning. He feels that because he works he shouldn’t have to do any of the housework regardless of the fact it’s all his mess. He regularly texts my mum with a list of housework for me to complete including things like cleaning the bathroom and shower but my mum has bed baths and uses a commode and cleaning the cooker despite the fact he is the only person who cooks whenever I am there I tidy up after myself and what little mess my mum makes. he also complains about the cleaning I have done using the bathroom as a recent example I had scrubbed the room and on my hands and knees scrubbed around the wet room floor and tiles to remove the mould and he complained to my mum about a tiny spec on the inside of the toilet bowl.
Please don’t miss understand I appreciate that he works, Does all the cooking and shopping but why should I have to clean up after him in rooms neither my mum or I use

Am I being unreasonable in asking that he cleans the rooms he makes a mess of or is that only fair

No, youre not being unreasonable, but because you do what he asks, he thinks its ok. Time for some plain speaking methinks!