My Partner With PPMS just left me. I'm Devastated.

Good call Whammel

Hi Chloe, I agree with so much that’s been sai here so just wanted to say hello & welcome - you deserve so much more!

Sonia x

Fantastic words Whammel. Best wishes Chloe, onwards and upwards.

Pam x

Chloe feel for u, similar situation here. GF broke up with me around 10 weeks ago. BUT she went front loving caring etc for nearly 3 years to…just finished out of the blue etc etc…yes its not nice and maybe emotions are all over the place and yes im not happy about it…Her personality changed as from last november and has quickly got worse…; like u i was more than willing to continue being with her as her illness was diagnosed last year and I was there when she received the news and no way would I have left her no matter what she threw at me but her choice to end it. hers is denial denial denial…depression eye trouble burning headaches etc etc…wont get help etc etc…so Im in the same boat as you are…Im now stepping back as having discussed on here and spoken to those in the know and me good old mum and aunty think its best to just leave her be…some lovely people on here just dealing with whatever the illness chucks at them…good luck chloe