My oversized taxi

I wanted to go into town on the Access bus but it seems that nobody else wanted to do that – all the old ladies want to go to Morrisons. Not me, I want to go to the bank, the library, potter round the market, sit and watch the world go by. Anyhow after much juggling of timetables the nice man at Metro has organized a bus to drop me off in town and pick me up 2 hours later. I now have an Access bus to myself. It’s the biggest taxi in the world. I see people watching when I am picked up – the driver is so sweet he helps with my shopping and wheels me on because I’m rubbish at going backwards.

It’s lovely to know that every week I will get a trip out in my chair and it costs me nothing. Life with MS can be a real struggle and it’s so nice when a big company like Metro go the extra mile to make life a bit easier.



That's wonderful news, thanks for sharing,

Luisa x

Hi Jane, I like this story, well done you. Enjoy your time in town!