My new RED wheelchair

NHS wheelchair which is a **"**one fits all" chair, however me being tall and larger than your average bear… I don’t fit comfortably into the standard chair. Even though the service is excellent, I really needed a chair that is made for my personal needs and that would cost a great deal which we couldn’t afford so have to make do with what I have been given.

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Have you been referred to wheelchair services, whereby you get a chair on the NHS. Alternatively, if you do not want the chair they can offer you, they will give you a part payment to the chair you want.

If you haven’t been referred, ask your GP, MS nurse or ot to refer you, it may be a way in getting the one you want.

Hope this helps.

Pam x

P.S. Love reading your blog

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Sorry…must have wobbled as I pressed send !


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Good one AL!

Pat xx

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Your mum has done such a lovely thing for you! Enjoy!

Polly xxx


Congratulations AL,

I have just read the last few entries in your blog and found them most entertaining. I wish you, your chair and everyone associated with it all the best for the future.