My Mum coming to see me after 14 years

My dear husband has been cleaning for days now, we have a special visitor coming to see us “My Mum”.I haven’t seen her for the last 14 years as she lives in Australia, she is coming over with my brother can’t wait, look at my blog for full details, will update after her visit. Love to all Amazon lady


Hope you all have a wonderful time and that you don’t get too exhausted.

Nina x

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Hope you all have a good time

Sonia x

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Wow! How wonderful. Great blog Amazon Lady!

Pat xx

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How lovely, I hope you have a wonderful time.

Michelle x

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Wow, have a fantastic time. My sister has lived near Melbourne for 40 years, been home on 4 visits, but I soooo miss her, so can understand your excitement.

Enjoy every minute.

Pam x

how lovely for you all,you must miss her so much,hope you have a wonderful time

J x

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You must be so excited. My family lived in South Africa for years while we were in the UK and I remember how excited I used to get when they came over. Enjoy it and try to get some rest in too or you’ll make yourself ill. Really happy for you.

Cath x

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