my mri report MS ?


i have been given a report by my doc for my mri scan Its been seen by another doctors and he has said it looks like MS

Could someone please explain the report to me and sort of confirm,

Standard protocol images of the brain were obtained at 3tesla


There are scattered high T3/FLAIR foci seen within the white matter in both cerebral hemispheres which are numerous for the patiants age. The lessions situated adjacent to the corpus callosum have a perpendicular orientation. A solitary area of linear high signal is demonstrated within the corpus callosum

No abnormal restricted diffusion
No focal mass lesion is demonstrated
The ventricular system is unremarkable
Normal appearance of the orbits
Normal caniocevical junction
A small mucosal polyp is seen within the right maxillary sinus

Within the imaged cervical spinal cord there is a high T2 signal which is likely to represent artefact but demyelination in this region cannot be excluded

The signal abormalitites seen within the cerebral hemisphere concerning for demyelination

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High T2/FLair not T3

HI Dean

In the ‘sticky’ posts at the top of the forum there is a post by Rizzo which explains MRIs for the layperson. I can’t help decipher your results, but have a read of the sticky posts as they are very helpful for decoding some of the jargon!

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It’s called ‘A brief beginner’s guide to the brain’

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Have you got an appointment with your neuro scheduled? He would be the best person to explain it (and if he uses medical terms that you don’t understand, ask him what he means).

If you aren’t seeing your neuro any time soon, ask your GP to explain the terminology. He won’t be able to make a diagnosis but he should be able to help you understand what was seen and what is normal in your scan.