Morning everyone, hope you’re all doing ok, now I get this on and off, but this time it’s lasting, I’ve had it like this for about 10 days, it’s not a headache, but to joe blocks that’s how I discribe it, my head feels full of pressure, heavy, almost like you’re going to start with a headache but it never comes out, it feel wobbly inside, if I move to fast I want to fall over, I’ve taken paracetamol and co-codamol both no good, also it makes my right eye feel different, a bit painful but not too bad, not sure how to describe this, only to say I’m very aware of it, more so than my left, now it’s my right that if I have problems it’s with that one, anyone else out there have problems like this, and what have you been told, take care, and have a good day, Jean x

Hi Jean We get some odd things with MS, I get what I call a full head, not a headache but a kind of pressure head, its normally a sign for me that my optic nerve is being upset a little, having said that a raise in blood pressure can cause the same kind if symptoms so it might be worth getting it checked with your GP, hope you feel better soon. Jane x

thanks Jane, I’ve only recently had that checked, so I know it’s ok, I know what you mean about the pressure head, I think I mentioned that in my post, thanks again, Jean x

Hi Jean

I am currently off work with something similar, i feel dizzy, my eyes feel like they have pressure behind them and bruised i also get waves of sickness with it!

Been to the docs and he has put it down to labrynithitius (wrong spelling sorry).

Maybe this is what you have? but i am interested in what everyone else says as i am not so sure it is what the doc has said.

Thanks x

I get the head pressure and sinus & eye pressure/pain. Feels like either someone has my face and the front of my head in a vise or that someone is blowing up a balloon inside my head at the front. I assumed it was related to my migraine. It does go with painkillers/migraine meds at least so I’ve never had it for longer than 4/5 hours or so, unlike you :frowning: Can your MS nurse help? Karen x

Hi Jean, I am wondering if it is vertigo? Think you need to see your GP, eh?

I do hope it clears up soon, as it sounds so awful.

luv Pollx

I get a pressure thing with my head but it only lasts for a few seconds, I was getting this a lot a couple of years ago when I first went back to a Nurologist, it was combined with dizziness and balance problems. I have also recently had labrynithitius but I did not get dizzzy with it this time (I had this before many years ago) but I did get a headache every day for around a month, drove me mad. I had a course of tablets (name escapes me) which did clear the problem up.

Hope your GP can throw some light on it.

thanks for you’re replies, I’ve just had coffee with a friend who also has MS, I told her about my head and she said she has exactly the same thing, I will be going to see my GP, my MS nurse is not much good, thanks again, Jean x