My Current Finance & Health Situation (Advice Needed)

Hello, I’m new to this site and I’m currently n ESA but I’m struggling a little with my finances.
I currently have emphysema, nerve damage to the lungs & type 2 diabetes, I’ve tried making a claim for PIP and didn’t get very far, I then tried making a claim for DLA, only to be told at the time that only claimants who don’t have long to live can claim that, which kind of really doesn’t stand for Disability Living Allowance does it? :confused:
I used to be on DLA before it became PIP, but my claim ended just after it changed to PIP.
So any advice or help would be appreciated.

Hi Mike

Was your PIP claim rejected? I strongly suggest you appeal. But get some advice/support. Your MS nurse or GP may know if there are any local benefits advice services in your area who could help. And speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau too, they should be able to help.


welfare rights are very good. they are usually run by the council who you pay council tax to. like everything else it’s the luck of the draw, depends on the individual who takes your case. i didn’t have much faith in mine, she came across as a bit of a drip but she fought hard and well for me. and we won!!

I’d suggest you consider joining They charge about £20 per year, but for access to their guides it’s worth it.

Alternatively, there’s Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice

Or of course, see if you can get help completing the claim form from the CAB.


Hello there, sorry to hear about your current situation. This website is a good start, to see what you are, or aren’t, able to claim. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there’s a helpline number you can phone.

Good luck.

(you could phone the MS Society helpline - they have access to literature and contacts that could help)

Thanks guys, I’ll try and see if I can do all what you all suggested and see which helps me the most, much appreciated