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Hi All, I found reading someone elses list of symptoms interesting so I thought I would do the same. Not sure if all the issues are linked or not. The main symptoms are pins and needles in arms,feet and patch on my back, tiredness, unsteady on feet, weak limbs. Not sure what the Coccyx thing below was! w/c = ‘week commencing’ Best, Alan w/c 27/6/11 – 3 ‘fainting’ episodes over 4 days. Left me shaky and unwell for about 30min to an hour. Complete recovery. I was at rest during each of these incidents e.g. reading paper on couch Last faint episode: 30/6/11. Stopped 10 year addiction to nicorette gum the next day and have had no further feelings of being about to faint. Exercise test in first week in July – no heart abnormality w/c 15/8/11 – Pins/needles and tingling in hands. Constant 22/8/11 – Pins and needles/tingling in hands/feet. Awake during night. Hands go numb at night when sleeping – this continues through the weeks. 29/8/11 – went to GP. Pins and needles in hands and feet remains constant. Extreme tiredness(25% normal energy) which last 4 days with no appetite. Really tired after night sleep. Dont feel refreshed. Lots of bloods ordered – bone, B12, folate, thyroid etc 5/9/11 - Pins/needles constant. Strange tingling/pressure feeling on spot on back. Tiredness (40% ) Weak and very wobbly legs. Felt exhausted after walking 0.25miles to station. Lightheaded feeling with me constantly. Small muscle twitching in legs and eyelids. Appetite poor but returning. Low mood/tearful. Sleep disturbed – frequent waking. 12/9/11. Pins and needles constant,legs. Arms, face, lips, head, back etc. Tired(energy 50%). Bit wobbly on feet, poor balance and lightheadedness – sore left ankle-feels weak. Very low mood. Small muscle twitching continues – only notice it at rest and not constant. Cold hands. Sleep disturbed – frequent waking. 19/9/11. Pins and needles arms/legs constant – also face, lips, head and back. Energy better(75%). Feel like i am able to function normally(ish) at work for first time since return from holiday. Balance better and lightheadness reducing but not gone completely – feel dizzy if shake head. Strange 24hr pain ++ in Coccyx – sudden onset, difficulty sitting down or getting up from seated position. Disappeared as quickly as started – no injury or fall recently and i’ve never had that pain before. Slight discomfort remains when area around coccyx pressed but not a problem. Small Muscle twitching remains but can go hours without and no longer affects eyelids. Main symptom is constant pins and needles in arms/legs/face/ and patch on back. Itching++, especially face/nose. Cold hands. Sleep disturbed. 26/9/11. Pins and needles arms/legs constant. Face and head as well and patch on back(like mild sunburn-weird). Energy remains 75%. Balance not great at times. After MRI on 29th Sept felt dreadful - tired++, dizzy – stress or the 20mins noise?. Went to bed early. Small muscle twitching++ - eyelids and legs mainly. Less itching. Hands not cold anymore but we are in middle of Indian Summer! Weak and slightly wobbly legs – slight unsteadiness in gait. No probs with Coccyx. Jittery feeling in arms and hands – mild tremor and twitching in fingers at rest. Early wakening. 3/10/11 New symptom – pains in feet 3 out of 10. Feel like i’ve been walking on them for 24 hrs. Get worse as day progresses. I had some of this before in the spring I think. Pins and needles continue ++. Mild tremor in hands – jittery feeling remains. Weak limbs and poor balance continue. Sleep disturbed. Tired, energy 75%. Thanks for reading. A

Hi Al and thanks for posting. It IS good to share. I’ve been Dx snce I had optic neuritis followed by mobility issues. Have you had your MRI rersults yet or are you still waiting ‘for the other boot to drop?’ This is a good site to hang about on, I’ve had loads of support from some lovely members! Clarexxx

Hi Al. Just a thought, but have you had your vitamin & mineral levels checked? A lot of what you describe can be because of low vit B12, calcium, magnesium, vit D, etc. When GPs say “we’ll get your bloods tested” they don’t automatically include some of these. Worth a try maybe? My daughter went to the GP for some of the things you describe and I had to ask for vit B12 and D to be added to the blood tests. Turned out she had a B12 deficiency. Interesting about the nicotene gum! Karen x

Thanks Clare. I received the Neck MRI results on Thursday and all clear. He did start talking about ‘protrusions’ when I entered his office on Thursday and I had a sudden rush of relief thinking that he had found some reversible answers but he then informed me that was all normal ‘for my age’. Karen. Yes, those were the first blood tests the GP ordered and they were all normal. A few weeks ago I was wondering if the ‘stress’ to my body of going without Nicotine had triggered my condition but i think it had already started before I stopped my 10 year addition to Nicotine replacement therapy. I saw somewhere that there was some possible causal link between smoking and MS but haven’t seen much else linking the two. I must have spent (wasted) about 3 hours today researching ME(what my GP thinks i have)- very confusing information on the net about this condition. I couldn’t find anything specific about ME & paraesthesias. They exist in ME apparently but I couldn’t find one decent case description / example of how it might present - very frustrating. I even thought i’d just buy some good neurology texts to fill the gaps until I discovered the cost on Amazon - £90! I’ll tell the jokes… Thank you and my best to everyone - keeping me sane at the moment. Alan

User02 and MTurner know about ME - if you search ME on here you’ll probably come up with some good links & tips they’ve provided (and other people too - there are a fair amount of people on here who already have an ME diagnosis). It’s not something I know much about, but I do know that it can cause all sorts of weird stuff :frowning: Kx

Thanks Karen Developed substantial small muscle twitching last night in right thigh. Went on all night and this morning. And now I have it in calves, left side of abdomen and neck. I had two pints last night with friends - I’m wondering if so little alcohol could irritate my nervous system. It’s certainly irritating me. Best, Alan

Alcohol certainly makes some of my symptoms worse, but it is normally a muscle relaxant rather than a stimulant so I’m not sure about it being the cause of the twitches. Anything’s possible though! Perhaps you should try again a couple of times - a mini experiment. If the same happens, then make sure you tell your neuro - it could be important info. Kx

Great, some research! I can do that. Once the twitching stops! :slight_smile: Thanks Alan